Bio Remediation

This is the process of adding bacteria to the soil or groundwater to breakdown a source of contamination.
The process under goes a number of reactions, in the case of TCE, daughter produces are produced
(DCE and later VC) and then further broken down.

Our process uses 5 different strains of bacteria to produce a biome where the bacteria all interlock in a symbiotic relationship.

This helps in producing the most effective environment for hydrocarbon degradation.

During the bioremediation phase the treated soil is also monitored for a number of other parameters to ensure that any deficiencies are rectified to prevent this becoming a limiting factor and slowing the reaction.

Finally after completing the treatment process, the soil or groundwater is validated to confirm that the contamination has been reduced to a level which is not deemed to be a threat to the environment and therefore allowing the reuse on site, thus reducing the costs with off site removal and importation of replacement material.