Japanesse Knotweed

Our Approach

Japanese Knotweed was introduced in to the UK as an ornamental plant, however this plant has no significant natural enemies in the UK hence it success as one of the most invasive weeds.

This plant seems to be very common on river banks, railway embankments and waste ground, where left uncontrolled it can densely populate an area that is almost impenetrable with a high density of stems.

As the plant generally is not being spread by seed, it is being spread when cut or mowing actives occur as the live material can regenerate; also it is common for the rhizome/root material to germinate when moved or disturbed within the soil.

Due to the vigorous growth of this plant it can cause structural damage to surfaced areas where cracks appear and causing structural damage in buildings after breaking through the mortar and then pushing the masonry apart.      
To control this plant early treatment is recommended which can use anything ranging from chemical treatment to mechanical processing and removal.